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Thank you for visiting the website of H. Thomas Moran, II, the Chapter 11 Trustee for Life Partners Holdings, Inc. It is the goal of the Trustee and his team to ensure that you have the ability to find information in an efficient manner.

Important Updates

The Order Confirming the Revised Third Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization has been entered.

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Press Release regarding Plan confirmation

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Letter from Trustee Regarding Post Effective Date

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The deadline for submitting ballots for the Life Partners Inc. solicitation was August 23, 2016, 11:59pm (prevailing Pacific Time).  We are no longer providing ballots.  If you recently made a payment for pre-petition arrears or a catch up payment you will be mailed an election form for the specific position affected.

You can access this on-demand webinar from any computer with internet access any time of day. It is available to view at your convenience. No special software or applications are required.  Follow the steps below to access the webinar.

  1. Click here or input this URL https://view.knowledgevision.com/presentation/982c026ba241450aa4368b3870cf2dfa
  2. Follow the registration prompts.
  3. Email any questions you have to lifepartnersquestions@tklaw.com.  Questions will be answered within 72 hours.

Should you need technical assistance, please contact lifepartnersquestions@tklaw.com.

For information regarding your account and/or the policies in which you hold positions, please continue to refer to your account information in the LPI website or contact LPI’s Customer Service Department.

  • Website: lpi-policies.com (Call Customer Service for login and password if you don’t know it.)
  • Customer Service Phone Number: 800-368-5569

Per the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy codes, the Trustee, Mr. Moran, has the duty to develop a plan of reorganization for the Life Partners entities.  A draft of the proposed Plan and related Disclosure Statement, as filed with the court, have been posted here.   These documents will answer a great many of the questions you may have. Please note, that the Plan and Disclosure Statement are not yet approved, and are likely to change.  After the court approves the Disclosure Statement a copy will be mailed to each party to the bankruptcy.


Please understand that these have been filed with the court and neither the Trustee nor his team, are allowed to discuss them with you or give you advice regarding them.  Should you read these documents and have questions, you may want to consult with legal counsel and/or the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee.


On June 22nd, 2016, the Trustee’s counsel filed the Proposed Disclosure Statement for Third Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization of Life Partners Holdings, Inc., Et Al. and the Proposed Third Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization of Life Partners Holdings, Inc., Et Al..


A copy of the Third Amended Disclosure Statement and Plan as filed with the court can be found via the following links:


Dkt. 2500 Third Amended Disclosure Statement

Dkt. 2498 – Amended Chapter 11 Plan


Useful Documentation

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Understanding Life Expectancies

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Maturity Report Update

Maturity Report as of Nov. 11, 2016