Contact Information for the Trustee

You can send an e-mail to the Trustee at  Please be patient; given the size and complexity of this matter, we anticipate responses at times may be slow.

Contact Information for Your Account

For information regarding your account and/or the policies in which you hold positions, please continue to refer to your account informatiion n the LPI website or to call LPI’s Customer Service department.

Website:  www.lpi‐ (Call Customer Service for  login and password if you don’t know it.)
Customer Service Phone Number:  800‐368‐5569

It is critical that we have on file email addresses for all LPI position holders.  If we do not have an up‐to‐date email
address for you, please call Customer Service at the above number or email us at   Alternatively, you may log in to www.lpi‐ and provide us with your email address through this website.

General Questions

For more general information, especially regarding the bankruptcy, please refer to the  FAQs Page (Frequently Asked Questions).

If you have a question that is not included in the FAQs, please send an email or a letter with your questions to me at the address below. The questions will be compiled and included in the next FAQ. Please direct all correspondence to:

Tom Moran, LPHI Trustee

8225 Central Park Drive

Waco, TX 76712